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Since 1993, a company under the name of ’’Polkan’’ was established and its main activity was the export of wooden pieces for solid beech and oak parquet for the Turkish company ’’Arslan Parke’’. Balkan Parket Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ’’Arslan Parke’’ in Turkey, which was established in 1987. The owner of both companies is Mehmet Ali Polat.

Balkan Parket Ltd. is a family business which started its effective operation in 1997. After the purchase of special parquet flooring machines and the equipment necessary for processing the material dryers, the main activity of the company is the export of wooden pieces for solid beech and oak parquet and solid parquet. In 2005, the production of oak multilayer parquet, oak three-layer parquet and oak lamellas began. Nowadays, Balkan Parket produces these products only from oak.

Balgarene is a village located in the north-central part of Bulgaria, Lovech
Municipality. 140 km from the capital Sofia, at the foot of the Troyan Balkan. Driving along the E79 highway from Sofia and then E772 road to Varna direction - Balgarene village is easily reachable. Located only 25 km away from Troyan and 15 km away from Lovech. The village is situated in an extremely favorable for the business geographical area. In this region, the climate is suitable for the timber which needs cool mountain air and warm north-east breath. Troyan Balkan region features healthy mountain air, ecologically clean environment and numerous mineral springs. The parquet flooring factory is situated in the western part of Balgarene village occupying an area of 17 000 sq.m. Here the wood is processed until the final product (parquet) comes out. The whole production cycle requires a long period of time and enough storage area.


The capacity of "Balkan Parket" is 30 000 sq.m. oak lamellas, 8 000 sq.m. multilayer parquet and 2 000 sq.m. oak solid parquet. We can satisfy any requirements of the market and to accomplish any kind of orders, with a guarantee of high quality and reliability. Striving to meet the market demands for quality and quantity, "Balkan Parket" carries out a monthly export of 42 000 sq.m., where 85% of the sales are realized on the markets in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Israel, and the rest 15% remains for the home market.


The cycle of work required to produce the finished product – parquet, consists of several stages, which require master skills and observations that the factory’s professionals possess. Once the wooden pieces are transported to the factory, according to the desired sizes and requirements for quality, their proper treatment begins. The first stаgе is drying. The factory has two automatic dryers with a total capacity of 250 cbm. managed by computers. Balkan Parket works only with German and Italian machinery. The drying of the material is of a great importance as from the rate of drying (8 ± 1%) depends the quality of the parquet as a final product, which is crucial for our customers. The next stage is treating and forming the top and side tongue and groove, and then sorting each of the details depending on their quality level and then packaging them according to size and quality. The multilayer parquet is coloured with oil and oil mordant depending on the customers’ requirements. This completes the cycle of production of the parquet. The factory’s storage space is sufficient to satisfy the demands of our customers with a guarantee for the fastest possible delivery to every part of the world.






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